Courses That Let You Do Something Extraordinary With Your Life! Don't rely on the fickle job market to get you to the top financially, we can help you take control of your future and fast forward to your ideal job and dream salary and become greater than you've ever imagined!!! Whether you dream of becoming an office admin professional, technical wizard, programming expert or design guru, let Kayan help you get trained, get the job you've always wanted and the salary you've only dared to dream of. We have the courses and certifications waiting to help you improve your life. Kayan Academy provides valuable training and development services in all varieties of areas covering IT and networking, design, Engineering, business and management, pharmaceutical, vocational, and languages and translation. All this is provided along with other different training courses with a comprehensive portfolio for building developed communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Specialized Business Courses

    Business and Management + Interpersonal Skills + Human Resources + Sales + Marketing + Leadership + Online campaigns and Social Media Management Transform Your Business through Training!

  • Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical

    If you are looking to upgrade your skills or begin a career in the business and pharmaceutical fields Kayan Academy can give you the training that businesses are looking for. We have been training hundreds of pharmaceutical students and employees for the past 2 years,

  • IT, Networking and Design

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  • Technical and Vocational (Petroleum) OUSHA, field...

  • Language and Translation

    In today's world mastering foreign languages, especially the English language, is very important and essential. The precocious teaching of English language pursuits the final goal to make you grow and get a multicultural education.


  • Document Translation Services

    Translation is at the core of any localization initiative and technical know-how is just as crucial as refined linguistic skills. That is why our translators combine IT competence with a mastery of their native language. Kayan Academy draws a clear distinction between technical and marketing writing styles to ensure that the product is delivered as if it had been originally created in the target country. This includes the nuances that only in-country translators can detect to guarantee product usability and sales success.

  • Web site localization

    Whether your web site is database-driven, dynamic, or static, Kayan Academy will localize it for you in almost any language. Your source files can be HTML, XML MS Access, Flash, or similar format. We use a range of web localization tools to process the files and deliver an identical localized version.

  • Software localization

    The most basic reason for a software company to localize its software products is to increase revenue and net income. The logic is very simple: Higher total revenue compensates larger costs on research and development, and product marketing costs. Larger budgets allow creating better products and better chances of dominating the market's niche. As the only localization provider with comprehensive language capability, Kayan Academy offers complete solutions in software localization.

  • Desktop publishing

    Skilled DTP engineers localize of the buttons, images and animated GIF and Flash files contained in the website. We can provide specialized consulting for the selection of colors that are appropriate to the local culture and adapt Java and Active script applets Others

  • Audio & Video Translation

    Applied Language Solutions can provide you with a high end, quality dubbing of your original material using an artist of your choice. Our voiceover service produces end material that is ideal for presentations, training courses, video content, clips for websites and messaging in telecommunication systems, such as greetings and prompts. The way that the service works is that our team will create a series of audio files based upon content provided by you, which is normally in MP3 or WAV file format. Many customers prefer to then incorporate the content back into their source material but you can discuss your requirements with a member of our team to agree the best solution.

  • Typing Services

    We are a team of professional typists with over a decade of typing experience. Our team offers the highest degree of accuracy, and we guarantee quick and satisfactory completion of all typing works at the most competitive rates. ACCURACY GUARANTEED!!! We guarantee 100% accuracy for scratchless, clearly readable and insertion free source document.

Kayan Academy helps you optimize the utilization of your resources that further helps you to achieve your goals and your biggest professional dreams.